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A Collaborative

Mellie provides a tremendous solution to enable all caregiving parties to collaborate to drive better results for their loved ones - all guided by a Mellie care team professional

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Reduce Cost of Health


ER Visits

Our professional team understands the unique challenges of being a family caregiver and respects your needs and values



Mellie works to understand you and your loved one’s situation and customizes a care plan with the best resources and information for you   

Reduction in Hospital Visits

We assist you to seamlessly collaborate and communicate with others and maintain and share information all

in one place

Strong Team Communication

Mellie assigns you a dedicated care coordinator, who is available to provide live and expert support when you need it 

Collaboration at the Core

Manage Your

Care Team

Add friends, family and professionals

to your care team. Manage their roles, responsibilities & access level.


Care Plan

Access and update your personalized and prioritized plan to address current and future concerns 



View and share resources, tools, articles and tips to plan and improve the care of your loved one

Shared Calendaring

Sync your calendars and stay up-to-date on appointments, tasks, and more



Assign a task to a member of your care team and be informed of progress

Team Communication

Connect with your Care Coordinator and Care Team and preserve the conversation within the app

"Mellie has been an incredible help to me as I took on being the primary caregiver for my dad. They helped me understand the important steps to take and put me in touch with local resources to help drive the best care

I could for him."

Aaron M.  |  Family Caregiver and Senior Employee

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