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Insurance Solutions

There is a vast eldercare need in our country.  While federal, state, and local programs exist, many of the core needs of older adults are managed by more than 53 million family caregivers in the US - spouses, daughters, and sons.  


Mellie provides a tremendous solution to enable all caregiving parties to collaborate to drive better results for their loved ones - all guided by a Mellie care team professional.  This can help insurance providers to enable high-value outcomes:

  • Unnecessary ER visits

  • Fall reduction

  • Reduction in hospital visits

  • Strong team communication


Find out how Mellie can help you to expand existing elder care programs and commercial offerings by providing a scalable solution that engages family caregivers.

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Mellie starts by getting a holistic understanding of the caregiver and the caregiving team - through a simple assessment and 1:1 conversation.


Task Management

Mellie's care plan translates directly into action through a easy-to-use task management system for the entire care team.


Care Planning

Mellie crafts a personalized care plan for the caregiver  based upon our learnings from the assessment using artificial intelligence and human experience.



Users can easily keep track of schedules through Mellie's centralized calendaring solution.


Curated Resources

Mellie has a comprehensive library of eldercare resources - from local service providers, products and education - and tailors these to each individual care plan.


Team Collaboration

Keeping all members of the care team has never been easier with centralized documents and threaded communication.

"Being a caregiver is not easy. It was a relief when I found Mellie; their support has been fantastic! The app is super easy to use and it brought all of the relevant information into one place”. 

- Allison F,  Family Caregiver

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