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Help Your Clients
with Caregiving

Over 20% of employees are caregiving for a parent
and 9% of employees care for a child with special needs.  Employees who are family caregivers cost employers
over $5,600 annually in lost productivity and absenteeism. Mellie is here to help!

" Employers have a significant stake in monitoring and managing

the growing burden of care on employees, such as an aging population, adult disability, chronic childhood diseases,

and cognitive disability in the elderly "

Harvard Business School, The Caring Company

What Makes Mellie Unique


Our technology platform is by far the most comprehensive

in the market - from education to coordination, Mellie is built to meet the needs of family caregivers.

Mellie’s mobile app is easy-to-use, resulting in higher engagement and employee satisfaction

We are the only technology solution in the market that

can be licensed separately, providing additional options

for employers




Mellie’s commercial model is structured flexibly -

caregivers can utilize the care team or the Mellie app

based upon their needs

Mellie is more cost-competitive than others as

employers only pay for what they use

Commercial Model.png


Care Team

Mellie’s care team of professionals have extensive experience in working with caregivers and can tailor their approach to individual needs.

Professional Care Team.png

Getting Started

Let Mellie serve as your trusted partner.  As you work with clients to formulate next year’s benefits strategies, Mellie can help tackle this critical challenge for employees who are family caregivers.

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