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Engaging Family Caregivers

There are over 53 million family caregivers in the United States who play a central role in providing care to older adults. Health plans can engage  and support family caregivers as one of the most effective ways to support and improve patients' quality of life and health outcomes.

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Improving Member Acquisition & Retention

Differentiate your products by adding enhanced services like Mellie to your offering.  Family caregivers are the backbone of senior care in the US and Mellie can enable you to uniquely address caregiver needs.

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Lower Costs

Mellie's  care experts and innovative technology enable family caregivers to become adept at understanding what a senior really needs - driving  more efficient and effective utilization of medical resources.  We can help address areas such as fall risk, appropriate hospitalization, ER visits and transition to hospice care if necessary.

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Improve Health Outcomes

Mellie’s proactive approach to prevention and chronic condition management result in improved health management.

Increasing Health Plans Relevancy

Mellie partners with Health Plans to provide benefits for both Commercial and Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Drive member acquisition, retention and engagement

  • Improve health outcomes by enabling the entire extended care team to collaborate

  • Enable smoother transitions of care, lowering readmittance and unnecessary ER visits

Commercial Plans

  • Enhance employee wellbeing and reduce

          caregiver stress

  • Help employers improve productivity and retention, while lowering absenteeism 

  • Further differentiate the value of your employer plans

Support Areas

Collaboration at the Core

Manage Your

Care Team

Add family, friends, & professionals to your care team and designate  roles and access levels


Care Planning

Access and update your personalized and prioritized plan to address current and future concerns 



View and share resources, tools, articles and tips to plan and improve the care of your loved one

Shared Calendaring

Sync your calendars and stay up-to-date on appointments, tasks, and more



Assign a task to a member of your care team and be informed of progress

Team Communication

Connect with your Care Coordinator and Care Team and preserve the conversation within the app

"Mellie has been an incredible help to me as I took on being the primary caregiver for my dad. They helped me understand the important steps to take and put me in touch with local resources to help drive the best care

I could for him."

Aaron M.  |  Family Caregiver and Senior Employee

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