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Passionate about Care

Mellie was formed with a singular mission to enable family caregivers to provide higher quality care to their loved ones.

We are often asked where we came up with the name “Mellie”.  Simply put, the name “Mellie” is short for Melissa - or Honey Bee.  Bees are amazing creatures that make life sweeter by making honey and pollinating flowers - and are one of the only animals on the planet that take care of their family.  


Mellie was formed by three friends -  Zvika Goldstein, Tal Hasson, and Chad Baldwin who wanted to make a bigger, more meaningful, and direct impact on people’s lives.  Zvika had moved back to Israel from the US to help care for his parents. Tal was busy working on assistive mobile technology for persons with disabilities.   Chad was inspired by his wife (a therapist specializing in geropsychology), his mom (a hospice nurse), and his dad (an estate attorney).  Mellie was founded and would be led by the heart.


We value collaboration, integrity, elegant and straightforward solutions to tough problems.  We are located in Tel Aviv and the Bay Area.

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Zvika brings over 15 years of experience in leading teams in product strategy, product development and client services to Mellie. Zvika has extensive experience in growing companies as one of Skai’s first employees and running numerous business units over his tenure there.  Zvika lived for 10 years in the Bay Area and recently returned to Tel-Aviv with his wife and three boys.

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Chad looks over Sales & Marketing at Mellie and brings over 25 years of SaaS experience to his role.  Chad has successfully grown business lines in both emerging and public companies having served in leadership positions at Koddi, Skai, Coremetrics and Autodesk.  Chad lives in the Bay Area with his wife and two boys.

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Tal brings over 15 years of product development and engineering to Mellie.  Tal most recently founded INTU, a company focused on assistive mobile technology for elders.  Prior to that, Tal was Chief Architect at Skai and is adept with scalable enterprise systems.  Tal lives in Tel-Aviv with his wife and two children.

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