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Update:  Mellie is an approved CMS GUIDE Model partner!

Supporting the CMS GUIDE Model

Recently, CMS launched the GUIDE model—“Guiding an Improved Dementia Experience,” and Mellie can be a key partner for providers. This innovative model prioritizes care coordination and caregiver support to improve the lives of dementia patients and their supporting family caregivers.

If you are an approved GUIDE provider, Mellie can serve as a partner to meet various aspects of the program requirements.  We can help you drive additional revenue and provide more comprehensive client support. Contact us today to learn more about Mellie’s approach and how we can help you meet the CMS GUIDE Model’s care delivery requirements.

Mellie Meets *All*
GUIDE Model Requirements


Care Coordination

& Management

Mellie's interdisciplinary team creates a person-centered care plan involving continuous monitoring and ongoing, longitudinal care.

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Caregiver Support

& Education

Mellie offers training, education, clinical and non-clinical resources, and caregiver support through professional care coordinators.


Respite Services

Caregivers receive respite services costing up to

$2,500 annually.



Mellie's dedicated care experts support communication, appointment scheduling, medication management with the clinical care team, and referrals to community services.


24/7 Support

Beneficiaries and caregivers can access a member of their care team or navigator anytime, anywhere.



On-demand access to comprehensive educational classes, content, and support groups on a wide array of topics related

to dementia caregiving.


Medication Management

The clinical team regularly reviews prescribed medication as needed, while care navigators provide tips to successfully adhere to medication regimens.

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Personalized Care Planning

A comprehensive assessment and detailed roadmap

for care with best practices and educational content


Learn About GUIDE Requirements with Mellie

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Partner with Mellie

for Family Caregiver Support

Caring for an elder is more manageable when an experienced professional is with you at every step.


Scale Your


  • Handle larger number of cases

  • Support your Care Management team


Improve Patient & Caregiver Experience

  • Modern & carefully designed for caregiving needs 

  • Highly accessible and available


Quality Data & Reporting

  • Quality data for annual reporting of high-risk medication use,
    beneficiary quality of life,
    and caregiver burden.

  • Beneficiary and Caregiver Assessment Data 

  • Understand user engagement and needs (case severity)

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