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Corporate Partner of

Compassionate Elder Care.
All in one place.

Empowering family caregivers to provide their loved ones 
with the best care and quality-of-life
through our innovative service.


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Mellie Now Available

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Caring for a parent or elderly family member is one of the most important and challenging things you will ever do.  Navigating through caregiving can be overwhelming - but you don’t have to do it alone.


Meet Mellie. Your all-in-one solution for navigating and managing elder care.  Mellie provides you with the services and innovative platform to personalize a high quality care plan, find the right resources and people to care for your loved ones, and seamlessly coordinate care with family and caregivers to ensure they're getting the compassionate attention they deserve.


When everything you need is in one place, you can focus on the moments that matter with those you love.


Aging. Care. Simplified.

Mellie puts everything you need to plan and care for your elders all in one place. We build a personalized care plan for you, find trusted resources, and provide a dedicated care coordinator to help navigate the entire process. Mellie helps simplify aging care so that you can focus on what matters most.

How can Mellie help?

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We will work to understand you and your loved one’s needs and distill the knowledge for you to find the right services and products for their care.

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Mellie will develop and customize an individualized care plan with the resources and information you need.

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We enable you to seamlessly collaborate with your care team, store information centrally, and monitor care all in one place.

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Get live and direct support from our dedicated care coordinators who bring years of experience in elder care.

"Mellie has been an incredible help to me as I took on being the primary caregiver for my dad.  They helped me understand the important steps to take and put me in touch with local resources to help drive the best care I could for him"

- Aaron M., family caregiver and senior employee

Who can Mellie help?

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