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Caring for an older family member with ongoing health challenges is complex and time-consuming for everyone involved. Mellie was formed to enable families to provide higher quality care to their loved ones and is proud to join with other ALCA members to support older adults and ensure that their needs are met.

How Can Mellie Help?

We know that aging life care professionals like you face challenges similar to those of family caregivers - managing communication among multiple family members and time and financial constraints.  Our easy-to-use solution assists with managing care and collaborating on care needs such as appointments, transportation and medication - from any mobile device - reducing stress, time off of work and ensuring quality of care.  

Mellie provides personalized virtual care coordination led by a Care Coordinator

and a comprehensive mobile platform to help ease the burden. Mellie wants to help ALCA members help more families. If you know a family who needs a caregiving management solution, refer them to Mellie for exclusive benefits:

Family Caregivers.png

Family Caregivers Get

  • 30-days free trial

  • 20% discount when referred by an ALCA member

  • Assistance with a customized care plan and a single platform for managing elder care

  • An experienced and dedicated Care Coordinator, available remotely


ALCA Members Get

  • A $100 referral bonus for each family that signs up for Mellie

  • An opportunity to extend your care management services to additional locations

  • The ability to  enhance your offering with an advanced platform for families caring for aging adults

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Together, we can make an impact on more family caregivers and their loved ones.

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