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Hello. We're the Care Team at Mellie.
Your employees can now contact us through Slack!

Read what family caregivers think about us:

Being a caregiver is not easy..

It was a relief when I found Mellie;
Their support has been fantastic! The app is super easy to use and
it brought all of the relevant information into one place

Allison F


Corporate Partner of

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About the Mellie app for Slack

Mellie is a comprehensive solution for navigating and managing elder care.  

We work to understand the situation of the caregiver and care recipient
and customize a care plan with the best resources and information.
The care plan is dynamic and backed by Mellie's Care Team of
professionals who specialize in elder care and care management. 

Mellie's app for Slack enables your employees
to contact a Mellie Elder Care Expert via Slack for consultation

by using the "consult" slash command or shortcut.
Once the command is sent or the shortcut is clicked,
your employee can submit a short form to the Mellie Care Team
and schedule a consultation session.

Install the app for Slack by clicking the above "Add to Slack" button.
Click here for more information and to see examples on how to use the app for Slack.


How to use Mellie app for Slack

Simple type the "/consult" from any channel or chat
/consult <add an inquiry>


Use the "Consult" Shortcut



44 Montgomery St. Fl 3.San Francisco, CA 94104

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